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Practical Ways to Cut Calories

It's all about portion control.

Never eat directly from a bag or box, always portion your
food into a bowl so you don't find yourself mindlessly munching
away on way too many extra and unnecessary calories.
Weighing out your portions of food is also very important to
make sure you're not eating multiple servings in one setting.
Another way to help with portion control is to use a smaller plate.
Over the years the size of the dinner plate has become increasingly
larger as have the people using them. Now instead of plates we
use platters, and when we have a large area we tend to feel the
need to fill it full of food. We end up eating at least double what
we should just because of our larger plates. Using a smaller plate
will also help trick our yes and our minds into eating less. 

Save some for later.

We've all had an amazing meal where we found it difficult to stop
eating. One thing to remember is that meal will be delicious the
next time you eat it as well, and now you can look forward to
lunch or dinner the next day as well. Saving it and making another
meal from it will save calories and money. Now instead of having
to buy lunch or dinner or figure out what to eat you can look
forward to another delicious meal. And if you're not sure you can
stop yourself from eating too much, take time when you're making
your plate to place half of the meal on another plate or in a to go
container for the next day. This can also be done at a restaurant.
Ask your server to bring you half your meal already in a to go
container and half on a plate. Then you are set up for success!

Take time and listen.

So often we find ourselves in a hurry to get everywhere. It's
always rush, rush, rush. And that's also true with our meals.
Often we eat quickly to get to that next place we have to be or
so we can get all that needs to be done actually done. If we take
our time and enjoy our food and the company we're with we'll
actually find ourselves not devouring as many calories. Taking
time between bites to put the fork down, and actually chew
instead of shoveling it in will save you needless calories in the
end. We also tend to set our eating schedule by the clock. The
key is to listen to your body and know that you don't have to
eat just because it's noon and that's also true if you're hungry
before noon you don't have to wait to eat. If we listen to our
bodies they're telling us that we need to eat typically every 2-3
hours in small portions and snacks so we have the energy to
keep going throughout the day. 

Cut out distractions.

Distractions are a sure fire way to end up with extra calories.
When we are distracted by the TV, computer, smart phone,
driving or even reading we end up eating a lot more without
even realizing it. Making sure that meal time or anytime you
are eating you are focused only on the task at hand will allow
you to enjoy what you are eating and to do so within the portion

Setting yourself up for success

Often we sabotage ourselves without even realizing we're doing it.
If you know that you're going to a party where you will be tempted
to over eat, make sure you eat a small healthy low calorie snack
before you leave the house. That way you won't get to the party and
think you're starving and end up over eating. Also the majority of
people eat at least a meal or snack in the car on a regular basis, but
the problem is if you have not planned ahead you end up grabbing
something from fast food or a gas station, all of which are filled with
junk and empty calories that will leave you tired and hungry far too
soon. The best way to set yourself up for success is to plan ahead
and have snacks that are healthy and are ready to grab on the way
out the door. Keeping snacks like that in the car or in your bag or
purse will help you make wise choices throughout the day and when
you're out as well.

Water it up!

Many people confuse being thirsty with hunger so making sure you
stay hydrated throughout the day will help you from eating
unnecessary calories. If you're not sure if it's hunger or just thirst, try
this, drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes. If it's thirst you'll
know because that feeling will go away, if it's true hunger the longer
you wait the more it will intensify. Studies also show that if you drink
a glass of water before a meal you're less likely to over eat because
you'll feel full sooner. It's important to drink water over soda or juice
as well. Drinking diet soda can still put you at risk for obesity and type
2 diabetes, while triggering your appetite and sugar cravings. Also skip
the alcohol that adds empty calories and causes you to make more
unhealthy food choices.

Out of sight, out of mind

It's hard to over eat or eat unhealthy choices is the food isn't there
to begin with. If you stop the food from coming into your house you
won't be tempted for that ice cream or chips late in the evening when
your tired and hungry. Make sure the food you bring into the house is
healthy and will set you up for success. Remove the temptation before
you can even be tempted.

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