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Rebecca is Speaking to Kansas City Track Club, February 12, 6:30 PM


Sweetheart Shuffle 5 & 10 K, February 9th


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All I can say is just do it! I wasn't ready to start any of kind of exercise program, but I knew I had to do something. I also knew that it would have...

Brad and Jen are the answer to my prayers! They are the perfect mix of motivation and accountability. With the help of their nutritional knowledge I...

Even if you only buy one package, working out with Brad will teach you how to work out the right way!

Brad McCleary has been one of my favorite people for almost four years. His Christian ethics shine through in his training, and I know he actually wants...

I still remember when my doctor told me I should start working out to keep up my health. I was 80 years old and I hadn't worked out a day in my life so...

Motivation and accountability are great tools to use in weight loss and training programs. Brad McCleary flawlessly executes both of theses abilities...

Well, let’s see. I’ve been a client for years and keep coming back for more abuse. I love the fact that you guys concentrate on training and the workout...

I'm so glad I chose Brad and Jen to help me reach my fitness goals. I went to them after having a baby. I was ready to get back in shape and I knew a...

Brad is a great trainer, motivator and lifestyle changer. Brad has worked with me and my injuries to do a routine that does not aggravate them. Jen is...

My husband and I have been working out with Jen and Brad since July 2009. Both of us have seen dramatic results. We have lost body fat and feel stronger...

Brad and Jen have given me a confidence that I didn't have before. I not only know what I'm doing but I've helped family and friends with workout and...

Bodies Personal Training has the best personal trainers and the best personal training PRICING!!! They also have free group runs every Saturday 3-14 miles...

What a blessing it has been to be a part of Bodies! I have been going for well over a year and have loved every minute of it. Brad and all the staff are...

I have been working out with Brad for 1 ½ years and have noticed major changes. I came into the gym not knowing what or how to get in shape but I have...

Bodies gave me the motivation to finally get my butt in gear, because even though I knew what kind of cardio and resistance training exercises I would...

I love training at Bodies! Taking that first step to come in and make that change has been one of the best decisions that I ever made. Alyssa has made...

Hey I have seem to have lost something. Something in which has been close to me for a very long time. Not something of value but something through a long...

We feel great about “Bodies.” Everyone is very friendly, and we like the atmosphere here. Our bodies are physically changing and our clothes are loose!...

My experience with Bodies has been invaluable! Before I started sessions at Bodies I was starting to feel like I was in a workout rut and wasn’t seeing...

My clients are my friends, and my working partners my family. I always do my best to end on good terms or do my best to let the ones I've trained before...

You guys at Bodies are always smiling and have a blast working out. You generally care about your clients and their families. It’s a smaller gym so...

I love working out with Brad. In 6 weeks I have lost 9lbs and many inches. I recently had a baby and gained a lot of weight. Since training at their facility,...

I love that I get an amazing hardcore work out every time I'm there with great trainers! The studio is set up perfectly where it's welcoming and clean...

This place is great! I never thought I needed training (or could afford it) but I was wrong. Not only are the trainers knowledgeable, but they are also...

Great personal trainers. Personal service from trainers who care about your success

Phenomenal personal trainers. Brad & Jen have created a great gym, and a fantastic team of very talented personal trainers who care for their clients very...

It's a great gym to jump start your new goals, weight loss, toning or just body building...they do it all well!

Greatest trainers anywhere! This is the best group of folks to help you get in shape. Excellent nutritional support and great trainers. Check them out!

Bodies Personal Training is like no other. Its a shame i live so far away haha

What a great place to go and pay yourself someting you deserve!

THE VERY BEST TRAINERS IN TOWN are also some the the KINDEST people I have ever known!

With a family and friends dynamic Bodies is a great place to go to get the knowledge and support to not only get a healthier body but a healthy life! ...

I just felt that at the age of 54, I needed to do something for me. It’s a bonus that my son is getting married soon and now I will feel great for that...

I learned about Bodies through Living Social (great marketing tool, Brad and Jen!). I've been with Bodies since the end of Februrary 2012. I'm really...

I love the Bodies Personal Training experience. The trainers are nice, friendly, like to joke around with you and make you feel comfortable and want to...

I found you guys on Google and have been coming for almost 3 months. The workouts that you do are completely different; it is fun and the results are...

My experience with Bodies has been great! I am a “cardio fool” and have been for a long time. I love to be pushed and challenged with training for...

Bodies has been a very positive/uplifting experience. There is a positive environment. Knowing Ambrah and her heart is different than other trainers...

My instructor was Sean and I went to bodies twice a week to get in shape so i could join the army. In two months i saw substantial weight loss and massive...

Love the place, it's great work environment and even better workout! Staff and clients are all so friendly and helpful. Thanks Bodies

I do want to recognize Kaitlyn Bailey for her tremendous work over the last two months. Kaitlyn has a gift for working with clients, like myself, who...

I enjoy working out with Brooke. She stays positive and drives me to get more out of my workout than I can by myself.

My time working with Brooke Higgins was exceptional!! EXCELLENT trainer and even better person! She has a great personality and relates well to all her...

Brooke is an AMAZING trainer, she is very motivating and keeps me focused on my goals. She also does a great job of keeping me accountable outside of the...

Brooke is an ideal personal trainer. She explains everything to you, so you understand what muscles you are working out. She changes things up, so you...

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Alyssa Stroud

Certified Personal Trainer

National Competition Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding, Figure & Body Transformation Coach



Bodybuilding Personal Trainer Alyssa Stroud is originally a Texan, but most recently hails from Joplin, MO.  She currently resides in Olathe and is a serious presence on the national stage in female bodybuilding.  She has extensive competition experience in both figure and in bodybuilding.  Alyssa began her love of fitness as a young girl and even then was in awe of the Mr and Mrs Olympia bodybuilding contests.  She used to watch the competition and know that one day "Alyssa Stroud" would be on that bodybuilding stage!

Alyssa has always been athletic and competitive which led her to start a career in the personal trainer field at the young age of 17.  She has been a personal trainer for over 7 years and loves every minute!  Her favorite part of being a personal trainer is helping someone change their life and seeing them learn to love themselves in their own skin.  She is fascinated by the human body and how the mechanics work and the science behind it all.  She loves joining clients on their journey and being part of what they accomplish through personal training.  

When Alyssa's not lifting weights, eating her perfectly proportioned clean meals or competing on the bodybuilding stage, she loves to draw, build things,  play sports, listen to music and spend time with her nephews. In addition to being a Bodies Personal Trainer, Alyssa is also our Physique Competition Coach. Helping clients to be fully prepared for Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, Physique  and any other body transformation competitions. So whether you want to lose a few pounds or dream of stepping on stage for bodybuilding or figure, Alyssa wants to join you on your journey!



Bodies Personal Training Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Personal Trainer and Group Instructor
IFPA Personal Trainer and Group Instructor
Kbands Certified Group Instructor
Kbands Certified Personal Trainer
YMCA Certified Personal Trainer
The Pitch Best of Kansas City Readers Choice - "Best Personal Trainer" 2011 
Brett Klika's Personal Trainer 2012 (Todd Durkin) Attendee
CPR/AED Certified
Bloodborn Certified


Bodybuilding & Figure Competition History

1st and Overall Winner Figure at Missouri State Bodybuilding Show 2007
1st and Overall Winner Figure at Arkansas State Bodybuilding Show 2007 
2nd Place Figure at Lone Star Classic 2008
11th Place Figure at Jr Nationals NPC 2008
9th Place Figure at North American NPC 2008
8th Place Figure at Team Universe NPC 2008
2nd Place Figure at Jr USA NPC 2008 (Almost Won Pro Card)
7th Place Figure at Jr Nationals NPC 2009
1st and Overal Winner Bodybuilding at Europa Super Show of Dallas 2010
NPC USA Bodybuilding 3rd Heavyweight 2011


Trainer Interview

Favorite Cheat Meal?
Sushi or Pancakes

Proudest moment as a personal trainer (or not)?
Watching my mom do her first show, losing over 40lbs, after she's supported me the last 5 years competing. 

Why did you become a personal trainer?
When did you start being serious about working out? As soon as I turned 13, I went to the YMCA and purchased my own gym membership, however with school wasn't able to be serious with the gym until graduating highschool in 2005. I have been fascinated with the body and muscle ever since I first saw Mr/Ms Olympia aired on ESPN when i was 12 or 13. I've always been athletic, and initially wanted to be an architect or engineer of some sort. Playing sports and excelling at them made me want to help others. I first started helping teammates or friends improve in sports, and then branched off on my own with lifting weights. Seeing people that are overweight makes me angry, sad, and hopeful all in one. I genuinely love to see people change not only their' body, which makes them love themselves again, but how their' whole attitude and lifestyle changes.. It's a blessing in disguise if people were to give me, or any trainer a chance. 

How often do you work out?
5-6 days a week... that includes any cardio

Favorite Muscle Group to Work?
I love me some legs and back  :) 

What is your fitness goal?
Since I compete in shows, my fitness goal is to always come back to the stage with the presentation and image that I have changed for the better, and that I did dedicated my offseason to improving lagging bodyparts, or that I tweaked my diet even more to have a leaner look by the time I step on stage. I will always look fit, and that's something I will never change if it's within my power. 

When did you decide to be a trainer?
This may sound odd, but I didnt' decide, I was basically chosen....there are things in life that you are meant to do, and I truly believe that this, and maybe more specialized down the road, is what my purpose is in life. 

Who do you look up to? 
As a public figure or idol, no one--atleast not one that pops instantly into my head. However, my mom has always been my inspiration- she struggled day in and out to raise my two sisters and I. Working multiple jobs to keep us fed, and to buy me sneakers and equipment for whatever sport I was playing at the time. She attended every home and away game she could, and moved me back and forth from Missouri to Texas to make sure I could have a good life. She's my number one fan, my foundation of support, and someone I will always be able to count on. My Mom, is my inspiration. 

How do you motivate yourself when you’re having a bad day?
Always find what you're trying to reach---then grit your teeth, put on the helmet, slap your game face on, because if you don't do it, no one will do it for you--- you need to motivate with in, and for me, that's making myself proud, my mom, and showing everyone that I am that person that they look up to. 

What’s something you want to accomplish in your life?
When I was 20, I had this ultimate goal of having my own gym by the time I was 26... A few years have passed, I've been through different gym settings, and the goal is still there, obtaining it and perfecting it is what may take more time. Having a goal is ultimately to try and achieve it, and if i continue to strive for it, I will reach it. 

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